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I specialize in documentary storytelling. In the past my photography has focused on news, conflict and street imagery. Of late I've launched a project on birth and have been collaborating with models.


I'm drawn to evoking inner dialogue and emotion that go beyond the elements of a pretty picture. I creative direct, style, photograph and edit. I only have Tuesdays free so if you want to work with me reach out on my contact page.

I'm also a traveler and I blog about that here. But most days I am taking care of my girl while overseeing award-winning documentary shows for Al Jazeera's online channel, AJ+. You can find out more about my work as an Executive Producer here.  


In 2012 I co-founded a nonprofit youth zine, Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG), that trains Indigenous youth in media. Since then I've held workshops and spoken at events around the world.