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A sampling of some videos I've produced, with and without presenters.


Links to the full videos:

Military Vets With PTSD Find Purpose Protecting Pot

Native American Resistance Camp Fights Oil Pipeline

United States of Guns

From Syria to Europe (Part 1)

Crossing the Hungarian Border (Part 2)

Syrian Refugees Look For Asylum In Germany (Part 3)

Crossing the Border to Germany (Part 4)

Artists Paint Trump on U.S.-Mexico Border Fence

Meet the Mexicans Who Make Trump Piñatas 

Why Trump Supporters Love Him So Very Much

Does Wall Street Hate Bernie Sanders?

Is New Orleans Being Rebuilt or Gentrified?

The Confederate Flag Debate

Is the South Racist?

Oregon Standoff: What If The Armed Men Were Black or Muslim?

Oregon Standoff: Native Paiute Tribe Speaks

Israel's Wall: Security or Apartheid?

Occupied West Bank: Life in Hebron

A sampling of more recent videos I've produced (2017-2018):

Cape Town Is Running Out of Water

South Africa Is Still Under Apartheid

Inside Catalonia's Battle Over Independence

Barca vs. Real Madrid: How Soccer Is Politics

Korea's Dangerous Border: DMZ

Is the U.S. Military Prepping for War With North Korea?

Syrian Refugees Are Still Trapped In Greece (Part 1)

Germany's Complicated Relationship With Refugees (Part 2)

Undocumented And Living In Fear Of ICE (Part 1)

Immigrants Are Being Jailed In Detention Centers (Part 2)

We Met The People Deported Under Trump (Part 3)

Mark Zuckerberg Sued Native Hawaiians For Their Own Land (Part 1)

Meet The Native Hawaiians Fighting U.S. Occupation (Part 2)

On The Front Lines: Fighting The Dakota Access Pipeline