'Finding creative ways to bring people into new worlds': My podcast interview about Facebook Live

August 1, 2016

I spoke to Journalism.co.uk about my approach to Facebook Lives and our work at AJ+. Listen here. This video is a reposted Facebook Live broadcast using an iPhone5 in a Palestinian refugee camp. Here is a complete list of the lives I have helped to produce, which can be found on the AJ+ page: 


DNC Bernie delegates walk out

DNC roll call: Hillary Clinton wins

People's Pundits 2: Philly

People's Pundits 1: Philly

People's Pundits 3: Cleveland

People's Pundits 2: Cleveland

People's Pundits 1: Cleveland

Orlando shooting: Blood donation

Bernie Sanders election night rally

Sentencing of Black Lives Matter activist

Missing and murdered Canadian women

San Francisco hunger strikers protest

GOP convention: Protestors block street

Trump supporters face off with protestors

Trump rally in Pennsylvania

Primary Day in New York City

Wall Street: A "banker for Bernie"

Water crisis: Inside a Flint home

Flint: Protest outside Democratic debate

With youth in Shufat refugee camp

Front lines of West Bank clashes

In the village of Dabaa, cut off by wall

With Palestinian family harvesting olives

From graffiti-covered occupation wall

In Al-Zarnug, an unrecognized Bedouin village

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