Palestine Photo Wins Again! Allard Prize

May 30, 2018

So honored to have won the Allard Prize For International Integrity photography contest! For my photo from Palestine: "Falafel With a Side of Tear Gas." It's the photo that keeps on giving. Each time it's published it's a visual reminder of the resiliency of a people under occupation. Here's my caption in full: 

Three men selling falafel calmly place gas masks across their faces while awaiting customers at a market in Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank, an occupied Palestinian territory. This image was captured in 2015 during clashes between young Palestinians and Israeli forces. Tear gas wafting through the market had been fired just blocks away during a protest march for Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers.

In the Israeli-controlled parts of Hebron, Palestinians must pass through military checkpoints daily to commute between homes and work or school. Palestinians like these men continue to find ways to carry on with their livelihoods despite state violence, attacks by settlers and living under occupation.


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