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Shadi Rahimi

Shadi Rahimi is a journalist, documentarian and photographer.


She is an Executive Producer at AJ+, a digital news outlet of Al Jazeera that promotes human rights, holds power to account and amplifies voices of the powerless. Her documentary teams have won Peabody, Emmy, Edward R. Murrow and James Beard awards, and many others, for their social justice reporting.

As a photographer and a single mother who birthed naturally in water, she has a particular passion for documenting the journey of birth in a soft yet raw light that combines her background in documentary photography with artistic portraiture. 

She is also hired by universities and organizations including the Poynter Institute to lead trainings, hold lectures or present work. Her experience with media training dates back to 2002 with her co-founding of a nonprofit that amplifies the voices of Native American youth and trains them in media production.

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