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Shadi Rahimi
Shadi Rahimi
Shadi Rahimi
Shadi Rahimi

I find self-portraiture to be healing, a way to express my emotions and shine my inner light. I adopt that same approach with my clients. You shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate yourself.


Whether a pregnant person, a family seeking to document birth, the first days or first year milestones with a new baby... or someone seeking to be a muse or explore a personal storyline, commemorate their birthday or where they are currently in life, I work with clients who feel they resonate with my approach:


I shoot with natural light

Alone i.e. no "crew"

In homes or in nature

Relaxed, intimate vibe

No shoot is the same

You will feel seen.

Collaborating with me is an investment in yourself. A session is also a beautiful way to gift someone special in your life a memory to forever cherish. To book click here.

Shadi Rahimi
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